Fürst Leopold colliery winding tower shines in a new light

From the mine to the creative quarter

Place: Dorsten

Category: Squares & Outdoor Lighting, Specials

Fürst Leopold colliery I / II in Dorsten - From the mine to the creative quarter
In a small space at the Fürst Leopold colliery, many elements that were typical for a mine in the Ruhr area can still be seen and understood years after coal mining was shut down.

Today, the “CreativeQuartier Fürst Leopold” is located on the site of the former colliery, which, in addition to a lot of art and culture, also houses various gastronomic facilities. The area with its buildings is used in such a way that the creative charm of the mining facilities is often integrated as a backdrop and part of today's use without major structural changes. The CreativQuartier has become a scene district that is well-known beyond the borders and is therefore an ever-growing attraction for the entire region.”

The winding tower forms a landmark that can be seen from afar and that should be given its own nocturnal appearance by new lighting.

No stray light - emphasis on the filigree structures
The lighting concept aims to precisely illuminate the filigree steel construction in order to achieve as much detail and dimensionality as possible. The luminaires, which illuminate the scaffolding from the inside and from the base of the tower, reduce the emission of scattered light to the surroundings to a minimum. Depending on the occasion, the use of high-quality and highly shielded RGBW spotlights enables strong, rich but also subtle pastel light colors or nuances of white light with different color temperatures. Control is via DMX. The nocturnal lighting is supplemented by the targeted use of lasers, which symbolize the ropes of the winding tower.

The nocturnal illumination of the Fürst Leopold winding tower in Dorsten is another contribution by KOBER Lichtplaner to industrial culture in the Ruhr area.

Photos: KOBER Lichtplaner (Zak Nasr)
Builder: Stiftung Industriedenkmalpflege
Architect: Böll Architekten
Laserlight: Nextmove, Münster