Workshop: "Conversion to sustainable LED lighting in museums"

Find out more about the selection of the right LED lights, the design potential and the energy savings that can be achieved!

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Workshop: "Conversion to sustainable LED lighting in museums"

? Do you want or need to convert the lighting in your museum to LED technology?

? Not sure whether LED lighting meets the strict conservation requirements?

? Not sure which LED lights are right for your needs? How do you assess the quality of LED lights?

? Are you wondering how much energy can be saved with an LED refurbishment and whether there are subsidy programs for the investment?

? Would you like to see a specific example of how modern LED spotlights can be used to design lighting in museums differently?

These or similar questions are currently occupying many museum directors, curators, exhibition organizers or technical employees in museums. Conventional lighting systems cannot and may no longer be operated in the medium term due to lamp bans. The energy consumption of these old systems is no longer up-to-date and sustainable. And the design potential of the new technology, regardless of whether it is LED spotlights, LED showcase lighting or LED luminous ceilings, e.g. in terms of color rendering or playing with color temperatures, is very exciting if it is planned professionally.

We would like to support you with a non-binding workshop in the selection and planning of the right LED museum lighting.


  1. Introduction to LED technology and lighting design for museum lighting
  2. Inventory of the installed lighting solution
  3. Derivation of technical and design potential for an LED conversion
  4. Project process using concrete examples

Contents in detail
Why LED conversion? Opportunities and potential of the bans on analog lamps

Evaluation criteria of LED luminaires for museum lighting

Energy consumption & sustainability

Quantitative and qualitative light planning with LED lights

LED lights & conservational requirements

LED lighting technology: projection vs reflection

LED lighting technology for more brilliance and structure

LED lighting technology for new design potential

Evaluation of LED retrofit light sources as a replacement in existing lights

Light control in the LED age

Calculation of potential savings / total cost of ownership

Use of funding programs and funds

More case studies for LED conversion in the museum can be found here
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