Private Villa P. - Daylight Planning

Light as the 4th dimension of architecture

Place: Dortmund

Category: Private Residences, Specials

Due to the great importance of the medium of light for the client, a concept for the lighting architecture was developed in parallel with the architecture right from the start, thus defining a night-time appearance of the building in addition to the daytime architecture. The lighting concept is divided into the areas of daylight planning, artificial lighting planning and outdoor lighting planning.

The basis of the briefing was the desire for a balanced interplay of light living spaces open to the garden on the ground floor and more intimate private rooms on the upper floor. The building is clearly divided into two areas by the incidence of daylight. Due to the exposed location of the house at the highest point in Dortmund, the direct sunlight and daylight resulting from the large proportion of sky must be dealt with sensitively. A concept had to be developed in which the direct sunlight could be controlled without blocking out the daylight and preventing the view of the surrounding nature.

As part of the daylight planning, we examined the optimal cantilevers of the canopies for sun and weather protection. The depth of the canopy in the south in front of the dining room resulted from an exact calculation of the course of the sun: between 01.04. and the 01.09. the shading of the southern sun is guaranteed by the canopy without further sun protection, while in the cold season the low sun floods the rooms with light and solar inputs in the sense of the energy saving ordinance. At the top of the canopy there is a 14m wide awning hidden behind the facade cladding, which gives the terrace a special quality of stay.

For the shading of the glass facade to the south-west and north-west, a brown-bronze-colored fabric was selected, which denies views from the outside, but allows views from the inside to the outside. In sunlight, the rooms are immersed in a soft and warm-toned light and the heating of the rooms is reduced by 80%. The shading takes place fully automatically via light sensors in each direction.

On the upper floor, wooden slats made of thermowood provide sun protection and create an intimate daylight climate for the private wellness and bedroom areas. Depending on the position of the sun, exciting shadow plays are created by the slats in the interior.

Architectur: Heiderich Architekten
Photos Copyright ERCO
Photographer: Thomas Mayer