Turck administration and production center

Light for 1,100m2 of office, conference and training space

Place: Halver

Category: Squares & Outdoor Lighting

The automation specialist Turck is expanding its premises in Halver by 11,000 square meters of production space for electronics production and 1,100 square meters of office, conference and training space. Our planning contract includes the interior and exterior spaces of the building complex.

The entire outdoor lighting is based on the latest LED lighting technology with DALI lighting control. Daylight and motion sensors enable efficient energy saving scenarios with different usage profiles without loss of comfort.

The foyer is characterized by the 3-storey atrium with the diagonal open staircase structure. Light oak floors in combination with the 3,000 Kelvin warm white LED lights create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The room is visually delimited by wallwashing in the depth of the room. The staircase itself is accentuated and presented in a glare-free manner by highly shielded LED recessed spotlights with lens technology. In the depths of the room, the lighting is essentially provided by wallwashing: human perception occurs up to 70% via vertical surfaces, so that wallwashing enables ideal and glare-free basic lighting in terms of energy efficiency and perception.

The Turck product range is presented in a small temporary exhibition on white counters. 3 LED spotlights each, 1 for the basic lighting with an oval light distribution and 2 with an accentuating light distribution, let the electronic components "shine".

The basement offers a bar area for receptions and the large auditorium with multifunctional use.
DALI-controlled light scenes enable the appropriate lighting for different uses at the push of a button.
The stage is illuminated on the back wall with LED lens wallwashers using RGBW technology. Depending on the occasion, this makes it possible to immerse the stage in colored light or to generate light in different shades of white. The lighting control system and the media technology were coordinated.

Location: Turck Verwaltungs- und Produktionszentrum
Architecture: artec Architekten
Photos Copyright: ERCO
Photography: Dirk Vogel