Church St. Norbert Werl

Renovation & renewal of lighting

Place: Werl

Category: Temples & Churches

ven before the merger to form the Probstei Werl, the St. Norbert Church was extensively renovated with the aim of retaining the clear architectural image of the 1960s or to bring it out clearly again.

In the course of this, the Way of the Cross was designed to be barrier-free, the bars on the baptistery were removed, the baptismal font was brought forward and the lower floor was raised to the level of the church floor in order to create a protected space for smaller groups as well. In addition, all electrical wiring and lighting were renewed and the windows reworked.

In particular, the impressive design of the Stations of the Cross and the interior by the artist Thomas Jessen make this modern church a real gem.

The existing lighting lacked interaction with the architecture and the community. The pendant luminaires created intensive glare spots due to unshielded illuminants. The choir and the altar lacked independence and spatial composition. The side aisles sank into darkness, so that the spatial boundaries were missing.

The new, graphically restrained cylindrical pendant luminaires in the existing position create a pleasant basic brightness in the central aisle with their diffusely illuminated body. The additional direct component in the luminaire via a very well glare-free downlight with a warm white color temperature brings a brilliant carpet of light into the room, which conveys an inviting gesture and allows the service to follow in a pleasant atmosphere with glare-free reading light.

The custom-made pendant light was a joint project by Kober Lichtplaner with the architects Clemens and Maas and the lighting manufacturer Schmidt-Lichten in Arnsberg.

The walls of the aisles are evenly illuminated by vertical lines of light, which are concealed behind the supports. Behind the elevated altar area, in the area of ​​the newly designed cloister, the rounded rear wall is homogeneously illuminated by recessed floor wallwashers, thus creating a harmonious background for the accentuated elements of altar, ambo and high altar.

The choir is framed by artistically designed blue front walls, on which the eponymous St. Norbert is accentuated and illuminated on one side and the Virgin Mary on the other side, rounding off the atmosphere.

Location: St. Norbert, Werl
Architecture: Barbara Maas und Mechthild Clemens
Chruch Art: Thomas Jessen
Special luminaires: Schmidt Leuchten