Lighting Design New Building Stadtsparkasse

Light for agile corporate and work culture

Place: Bocholt

Category: Offices & Office Buildings

The new building of the Stadtsparkasse Bochholt on Neutorplatz is all about social and ecological sustainability and aims to support customer orientation and the creative working environment for the employees through the architecture.

The ecological sustainability is characterized in the concept as an energy-efficient building in particular by a combined heat and power plant (CHP), a photovoltaic system, cooling and air-conditioning ceilings and a continuous triple glazing. Equal importance was attached to energy efficiency and atmosphere when planning the lighting

The Dutch artist Claudy Jongstra has installed a large-scale, textile work of art entitled "Crossings" in the customer center. Two walls were decorated using large and colored wool tiles. The sheep's wool required for this comes from a local shepherd and the color required for the wool was also produced by the artist using locally produced flowers and plants with the help of several Bocholt farmers.

The new main office building of the Stadtsparkasse has a total floor space of 4,000 square meters on four floors and offers modern working environments for around 150 employees.

The lighting design assignment for KOBER Lichtplaner included the outside and inside areas alike, whereby the nocturnal external effect of the building was essentially implemented by a lighting effect from the inside to the outside: in the evening hours, special, heavily dimmed light scenes of the interior lighting take on the function of the external effect. As a result of this measure, significantly fewer outdoor lights could be used and light pollution outside is also minimized.

The customer and consultation areas are equipped with combinations of downlights, pendant lights and floor lamps in order to be able to call up different lighting moods for changing requirements. The up/down free-standing lamps used at the workplaces have smart control using swarm intelligence and make a nocturnal contribution to the external appearance of the building.

Linear LED light structures underline the architectural direction of corridors and support visual routing.

The planning order also included the interaction of daylight and artificial light. The two-storey entrance hall has north-facing shed roofs, whose natural incidence of light is supported by a combination of wide and narrow beam recessed luminaires, depending on the time of day and the outside brightness. The different light distributions can be controlled individually, so that the atmospheric lighting mood can be varied between accentuated and brilliant and extensive and diffuse. Agile light for an agile corporate and work culture.

Copyright photos: Stadtsparkasse Bocholt