Über den Dächern von Dortmund

Place: Dortmund

Category: Private Residences

Architectural & atmospheric lighting design of a penthouse

Exciting lines of sight with insights and perspectives are part of the basic concept of the architecture and lighting design. The material and color concept creates relationships and contrasts across rooms. The harmonious interplay of extensive wallwashing supplemented with the staging of individual accents gives the large and high rooms depth and intimacy at the same time. The vertical lighting in the entrance area, which is also flat, is supplemented by small welcome spots on the floor, which warmly reflect the color of the wood into the room.

The kitchen area is realized in clear forms with the counter as the highest point. The white-lacquered verticals and the horizontal surfaces made of black linoleum are framed by a multiplex edge that picks up the colors of the floor. The suspended counter lighting underscores the spatial structure with its vertical object character. The reflectors bring the light onto the horizontal surface in a directed and brilliant way. An additional accent makes the fruit bowl appear to glow from within. The dining table is illuminated by three track spotlights in two circuits. In addition to precise illumination of the entire table, a single accent in the middle of the table is also possible.

The lighting of the terrace is optically included and thus the interior space is expanded.
The terrace lighting consists of two components: a flat illumination of the bordering hedge and a light object made of pigmented marble as a metaphor for the moon. By emphasizing the vertical and the lush green of the hedge, a friendly and clearly defined open-air space is created.

Copyright photos: ERCO
Fotographer: David Kuntzsch