New Building LIST Group Corporate Hedquarters Bielefeld

Lighting design for open space working environments

Place: Bielefeld

Category: Offices & Office Buildings

The expanding LIST Group, with its companies at different locations, has consistently aligned itself to the different requirements relating to the topic of "real estate and construction". The services include real estate development, planning and control of construction projects, real estate financing and general contractorship.

As part of the expansion, the LIST Group erected two modern, two-storey new office buildings including gallery levels as new company headquarters in Nordhorn and Bielefeld. Thanks to the LIST engineers, the new office buildings will be able to be operated almost CO2-neutrally.

Thanks to the early involvement of technical experts and us as lighting planners, the highest demands on modern workplaces and ecology could be reconciled in equal measure. Planned as open space offices, the visible installations as well as the desired flexibility for possible conversions of the building prove to be further major challenges, which were optimally solved through integrative, cross-interface and innovative cooperation (BIM) of all creative and technical trades.

Lichtkonzept und -planung für New Work Arbeitswelten im Open Space
Die beiden „Zwillings-“ Neubauten umfassen jeweils 3.500qm Fläche und verfügen über eine industrielle, offene Loftbauweise mit bis zu 6m Deckenhöhen. Nachhaltigkeit war der Leitgedanke für das Gesamtprojekt und im Speziellen für die Tages- und Kunstlichtplanung in diesen modernen Arbeitswelten.

The lighting design concept for this project is based on our methodical Light4Work lighting concept, which contains 4 planning leitmotifs:

  1. HCL Human Centric Lighting – people are the focus of lighting design!
  2. Atmosphere – Feel-good light!
  3. Adaptability– Light as neede!
  4. Sustainability – Light design in the interplay of efficiency and effectiveness!

More about Light4Work!

The two new LIST office buildings are the best examples of how the requirements for office and workplace lighting have changed fundamentally: office lighting used to be purely functional, energy-efficient and as cost-effective as possible. Today, however, the requirements for workplaces and the lighting used there go far beyond that. Workflows and working methods have changed fundamentally, especially due to Corona. The pure individual work at the personal desk fades into the background. Team work, flexible project rooms, co-working spaces, video conferences and a feel-good atmosphere are just a few keywords of the so-called New Work office concepts.

Both LIST buildings are illuminated with a combination of technical-functional and functional-decorative lights and lighting systems. The result is a cozy lighting atmosphere, which, however, also meets all the requirements for office workplace lighting in the technical and normative sense. The transition between workplace lighting and lounge lighting is fluid. The basis for planning the lighting systems was detailed coordination with all TGA trades in order to use common constructions and support structures for a ceiling that is as tidy as possible. The basic lighting is based on a profile system in which flexible and portable lighting units (direct and indirect lighting) or spotlights can be used as required.

Copyright photos: Joachim Grothus