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Teamwork, hybrid meetings, flexible project rooms, co-working spaces, think rooms, creative corners, phone boxes, multi spaces, social spaces, etc etc - these are just a few of the keywords that are used when designing modern working environments must be taken into account. Both for the actual architecture and for the right lighting.

We have been dealing with architectural lighting for more than 15 years: with holistic, perception-oriented and standard-compliant quantitative lighting planning in equal measure. Hardly any other area was subject to such radical changes as office and workplace lighting. The culture change ended the time of the classic separation between “work” and “life”. Rather, the concept of "Living Offices" created a smooth transition between the two positions. While offices used to be functional areas for "work", modern offices are places of encounter and communication. In particular, the involvement of employees in clarifying the needs for new forms of work and lighting has increased significantly in recent years and promotes identification with the new working worlds.

As a result, the lighting for these office landscapes and individual workplaces must also be consistently rethought: office lighting used to be purely functional, energy-efficient and as cost-effective as possible. Today, however, the requirements for workplaces and the lighting used there go far beyond that. Workflows and working methods have changed fundamentally, especially due to Corona. The purely individual work at the personal desk in the open-plan office takes a back seat. Team work, flexible project rooms, co-working spaces, think rooms, creative corners, phone boxes, multi spaces, social spaces, video conferences and a feel-good atmosphere are just a few of the functional approaches of the so-called New Work office concepts. The lighting and also the luminaires for such effective spaces differ fundamentally from the concepts of the past. In particular, increased demands on the sustainability of architecture and lighting have a strong influence on design and technology.

In recent years, we have been involved in a large number of such New Work projects and concept developments: whether new headquarters of international corporations, small but fine boutique offices or expanding companies for co-working spaces. In particular, our experience from the lighting of dozens of hotels throughout Europe has made a significant contribution here, since modern living offices have now taken over many aspects, e.g. from the lobby and restaurant areas of today's hotels. New Work is only to a small extent desk-bound work under standard-compliant light. In particular, the opening of small-scale individual offices to open office landscapes creates an increased need for acoustic elements, which we combine with the "lighting layer" in our concepts.

We have methodically summarized our experiences from these projects in a planning approach for lighting modern working environments based on 4 leitmotifs: Light4Work

  1. HCL Human Centric Lighting – people are the focus of lighting design!
  2. Atmosphere – Feel-good light!
  3. Adaptability– Light as neede!
  4. Sustainability – Light design in the interplay of efficiency and effectiveness!

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