Center for International Light Art I Exhibition "Light 21"

Light art visions for the 21st century

Place: Unna

Category: Arts & Culture

The "Light 21" exhibition presents three outstanding positions in contemporary light art, whose work exemplarily addresses the tension between analysis of the present and projection of the future.
We are responsible for the exhibition lighting in the context of the historical industrial architecture, which gives the exhibition rooms of the Center for International Light Art in Unna their unmistakable setting.

The focus of the exhibition is the work of the Finnish light artist HC Berg, who was voted "Artist of the Year" in Scandinavia in 2007. Warm accent lighting stands in color temperature contrast to the light object. High contrasts between the objects and the traffic zones create drama and draw attention to the Essential. Precisely aligned spotlights with high glare control and very little stray light make this light scene possible. Cool blue background lighting stands in contrast to the warm white light column. Light scenes with strongly differing brightnesses of the background create completely different perceptions of the light column.

The Austrian light artist Brigitte Kowanz, who lives in Vienna, is one of the leading international light artists. For years she has been working systematically on the reciprocal connection between light and language. Daylight conversion filters on the radiators for the wall objects by H.C. Berg produce cool light in harmony with the light object by Brigitte Kowanz.

Location: Internationales Licht Kunst Zentrum Unna
Photos Copyright: ERCO
Phtographer : Alexander Ring