"Stay Healthy"

Exhibition Lighting

Place: Mettingen

Category: Arts & Culture

DRAIFLESSEN Collection "Stay Healthy"
What did people actually understand by health more than 500 years ago? With the advent of printing in the 15th century, a large number of everyday, vernacular "health guides" emerged. These included those on herbal medicine, gynecology and dietetics, which dealt with questions about proper nutrition, sleep and hygiene - of course, information on bloodletting and the importance of the planetary constellation could not be missing. When looking at these books, it quickly becomes clear that the idea of holistic health prevention is not a modern approach at all. But which parallels and especially which differences can be discovered to today? It is precisely this healthy, historical zeitgeist that the cabinet exhibition wants to trace using “guides” and graphics from the 16th century from the collection.

The exhibition lighting is based on sharp-edged accentuation using LED frame projectors and high contrasts.

Copyright photos: Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen; Henning Rogge