DRAIFLESSEN Collection "Inspired by 100 Years of C&A"

Exhibition Lighting

Place: Mettingen

Category: Arts & Culture, Specials

Inspired by 100 Years of C&A - an initiative of the Draiflessen Collection in cooperation with the Trier University of Applied Sciences and C&A

With this special exhibition, the Draiflessen Collection presented the results of a young people's design competition that they held in the 2011/12 winter semester together with the fashion design department of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. On display were 70 models designed by students in the first three semesters as part of the competition.
The idea for this extraordinary initiative came about as part of the C&A company anniversary in Germany, which the Draiflessen Collection presented with the special exhibition “C&A attracts! Impressions of a 100-year company history”.

All of the works now shown are based on the fashion silhouettes characteristic of a decade from C&A's company history. The students' task was to interpret these silhouettes and develop innovative forms by linking the past and the present. The focus was on the synthesis of the template of a historical silhouette and the inclusion of highly topical trends.

In addition to the models, the exhibition also showed the original creation documentation, in which the students illustrated their inspirations, their engagement with the topic and the development of the models and thus provided deep and undisguised insights into the creative process of drafting and designing fashion.

Location: Draiflessen Collection
Exhibition architecture: Michaelis Szenografie
Photos: Henning Rogge