"Opposite the picture"

Exhibition lighting

Place: Mettingen

Category: Arts & Culture

DRAIFLESSEN Collection: "Opposite the picture"
Viewing art is about an individual experience. The focus of the exhibition is both the moment of perception of art and the relationship that can arise between a work of art and its counterpart. In this sense, the exhibition wants to use selected works of art from different centuries to direct the perspective on what the fleeting, elusive, individually or collectively experienced moment of viewing art can achieve.

To the exposition
The exhibition is dedicated to a range of topics that can be described with terms such as “absences”, “immaterial zones”, “corporeality” and “inside/outside” and brings together works of art from different centuries. The selected artists work with the methods of quotation and montage, with historical figures, with fictional, sometimes autobiographically motivated stories, with analogue and digital methods and with installations. The presentation does not address any media or genre-specific aspects, but rather asks which formal and material relationships in which connections develop which effects and what content they bring with them.

There are works of art by Francis Bacon, Georg Baselitz, Rudolf Belling, Laurenz Berges, Giovanni del Biondo, Christian Borchert, Janet Cardiff, Nardo di Cione, Björn Dahlem, Marlene Dumas, Werner Fechner, Lucio Fontana, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hannah Höch, Leonhard Kern , Yves Klein, Hans Leinberger, Herbert List, João Louro, Lorenzo Monaco, the Master of Osnabrück, Isaak van Nickelen, Sigmar Polke, Angelo Puccinelli de Lucca, Neo Rauch, Yael Reuveny, Gerhard Richter, Pietro Antonio Rotari, Thomas Ruff, Salomon van Ruysdael, Thomas Struth, Franz von Stuck, Wilhelm Trübner, James Turrell and Clemens Walter.

The lighting concept
Despite the high conservational aspects, a consistently "bright" appearance was to be achieved. In the case of sculptures in particular, the three-dimensionality was emphasized by a pronounced play of light and shadow and reinforced with particularly high color rendering. A subtle highlighting of the exhibits was achieved by means of lighting accentuation coordinated in detail - in some cases with brilliance effects - without pushing them too much into the foreground of perception. The focus of the exhibition is art and light is only a serving medium.

Location: Draiflessen Collection
Exhibition architecture: Michaelis Szenografie
Photografy: Henning Rogge