DRAIFLESSEN Collection "Credo - Masterpieces of the Art of Faith"

Exhibition Lighting

Place: Mettingen

Category: Arts & Culture

The exhibition focuses on the painted "Credo", the Lord's Prayer and the Rosary. The lighting of the masterpieces from the 14th to 18th centuries is subject to special conservational requirements. The foyer is illuminated with 200 lx, with the illuminance being reduced to 100 lx via the stairs up to the beginning of the exhibition, so that the visitors' eyes can adjust to the low illuminance of the exhibition.

The banners in the entrance area of ​​the exhibition are illuminated from two sides using different approaches: the large-format motifs on the side facing the entrance are evenly illuminated by spotlights with sculptural lenses, so that they are clearly recognizable from the front and the motifs on the back shine through like watermarks. The small texts on the back are accentuated by spotlights with narrow light distribution to ensure legibility. The light intensity on the floor of the exhibition is reduced so that the exhibits could be illuminated with only 25 to 50lx without appearing dark.

The entire exhibition was set up with a warm-toned light color temperature of 2,000 - 2,500 Kelvin appropriate to the theme of the works of art. The lighting concept is based on luminaires with high glare control, so that the accentuated objects are strongly emphasized.

Christ and the twelve apostles around 1500. 13 figures from a sending altar. The gold-colored linden wood figures were additionally emphasized with a skin tone filter.

A large number of showcases contain exhibits that are particularly worthy of protection. In order to avoid glare and reflections through the glass, the display cases were illuminated with frame projectors from a steep angle.
Spotlights with anti-glare flaps from the stage lighting enable the light cone to be strongly focused on the exhibits and prevent unnecessary ambient lighting and scattered light.

Peter Paul Rubens "Christ and the Twelve Apostles": The Cumberland series of the apostles from Peter Paul Rubens' studio, named after the owner at the time since the early 20th century, is the focus of the exhibition. Each painting was illuminated with frame projectors . The avoidance of stray light allows the images to "glow out of themselves" and stand out in terms of color.

Location: Draiflessen Collection
Exhibition Design & Concept: A. Dern, U. Härting
Exhibition Architecture: Michaelis Szenografie