COR & interlübke Showroom

Experience quality and materiality

Place: Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Category: Offices & Office Buildings

Lighting designdesign for the new COR and interlübke house in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

The 5,000 square meter COR and interlübke house was opened in September 2008. It focuses on the two furniture brands and their communication. The design combines a historic industrial building including a factory villa with a two-storey low-rise building via a newly created intermediate wing. The result is an attractive ensemble: a building that combines tradition with modernity. The COR exhibition is illuminated by built-in directional spotlights on the top floor and surface-mounted directional spotlights on the ground floor. The bistro has an informal, communicative atmosphere. The lighting close to the table already structures and accentuates the room during the day, and in the evening it also draws attention to the individual tables. With the new connecting building, a spacious common entrance was created for the two furniture brands.

In the evening, a carpet of light in the entrance area creates a friendly gesture of welcome. Additional light accents highlight the bar and the trees in the inner courtyard. A variable power rail and spotlight system was designed for the exhibition area, which can be easily adapted to the changing exhibits. Accents with high contrasts and very good dimming emphasize the materiality and create visual variety.

Location: COR

Architecture & interior architecture:
Kräling-Lübke Diplom-Ingenieure Innenraum- und Produktgestaltung, Hamburg

Architect site management:
Architekturbüro Schnittka, Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Copyright photos:
Alexander Ring I ERCO I www.erco.com
Peter Krähling
Nicole Kober